"A Bohemian is a person who defends his position in the world of ideas, his knowledge, artistic creation, intellectual enrichment and interest for other cultural realities". "We cultivate and care for a Bohemian spirit which is open-minded, a spirit that is full of positive energy and happiness".

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13:00 - 23:00


Sunday -Thursday 12:00 - 00:00
Friday and Saturday 12:00 - 01:00

Upcoming Events

  • DJ Swamy LIVE SET


    Listen the best lounge and deep house music enjoying one of the best sun set on the island.

    Roberta Swamy also known as Swamy DJ began her passion for the music in childhood when she was 14. She used to play with some friends with an acoustic guitar forming a rock band very soon, in her homeland, northern Italy. She began playing at her hometown theater and private parties. She met a famous italian Dj producer and she started growing in the Dj’s world playing electronic, minimal underground and deep house for privè clubs in Italy and Riccione. She has developed her own style like Groove, Funky Soul and Soulful.


    She collaborates with several radios as Krudelia-Bologna, Reider / La IBIZA Troia, Gray Stuff, Gup Events – Forli, Parrini DJ Producer RICCIONE, Classic club after hours by MATTINEE GROUP, Plasma Phobia-MILANO and Global Radio FM c / o Tony Besa KISS & SHOW.





    Would you like to spend all day sleeping a lot, eating late and complaining because Monday is coming? REVEAL OURSELF!


    We suggest you something:

    Enjoy our special selection of cocktails, juices antioxidants & Detox for the good body function! From 06:00 pm enjoy the best chill-out and deephouse with Dj SWAMY.

  • MELLOW SOUNDS (Acoustic Instrumentals)


    Acoustic duo playing a diverse instrumental styles, creating a relaxing atmosphere. Place: Panoramic 360º Restaurant (8º floor).

    ( Reservations: +34 928 563 400  ·  reservas@grancanaria-360.com )


  • Walter Silva · Only Guitar


    “The guitar is a small orchestra. Every string is a different color, a different voice”.

    This is what Walter Silva transmits with his compositions. He is a classical guitarist and composer who combines arrangements of classical masterpieces and rock and pop classics, exudes magic, creativity and reveals a distinctive musical personality.




  • Meet the Atelier team: NAYRA


    We are the place where you can live and find a special care… a personalized attention. Where what you would like to have it is expressly designed for you.

    We love the experience of serving our guests, to attend them and to pamper them, to let them feel as if they would “stay at home”.

    Today we would like to introduce you to a great person, great professional and an essential part of our team: Nayra.

    Where did it all start?

    I began working 13 years ago when I was just 22 years old. I started out as a secretary at a law firm but I then got into hospitality, particularly in the world of bars.


    Where is your favourite place on the island?

    A village called Temisas in the Agüimes area. There’s this little track which leads to a Guanche cave where you can really see how their people used to live. The cave is divided into rooms and there’s a huge opening in the rock which looks out onto the mountain side and you can see the entire village. That’s where I’ve experienced the best silences in the world.


    How do you like to spend your free time?

    I like spinning, going to the beach and reading, especially spiritual literature. I particularly love Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now” and at the moment I’m reading “A Course in Miracles”. I’m about to go on a course about the book in Las Palmas with a facilitator, who is a person to help you understand it all since it’s pretty complicated. It’s considered the greatest book on metaphysics and “thought correction”. In other words, it helps you to “change the lens”, to see things from a different perspective and slowly begin to change your way of thinking.

    How would you define yourself in three words?

    In three words? That’s very tough… I couldn’t tell you. I guess I could say I’m always “searching”, trying to look for meaning in life.

    What are you most passionate about in your work?

    What really got me hooked on this work is the learning process, because despite having worked in hospitality for many years now, you’re always learning new things, we’re always looking to innovate. I never knew what a good cocktail bar was like until I got here and realised it was possible to make great cocktails! (she smiles) … and what I’m most passionate about… the Atelier team and the understanding between us! We’re able to talk about anything, without any conflict or confrontations.


    What’s your favourite cocktail?

    I’d go for one of ours, since this is the place where I discovered “The art of the cocktail”. It’d have to be the “Wood Memories” cocktail, made with a base of Ron Aldea Familia. It’s really simple! The presentation is one of the most spectacular we’ve got and a combination of all the elements that go into it make it a wonderful cocktail. 

    Wood Memories

    Wood Memories

    Any funny stories?

    (She thinks and laughs) Years ago I had a cocktail in my hand and someone bumped into me, the cocktail went all over him, covered him in strawberry, and I had to give him new clothes from the hotel.

    What do you consider the most important quality in someone?

    The ability to understand any situation, because without it a situation can become twisted. As far as I’m concerned, understanding is knowledge and that helps everything run smoothly.

    What’s your motto?

    If you change the way you look at things, then the things you look at change.



    The Canary Islands own an important crafts and arts tradition and Atelier cocktail bar has decided to pay tribute to those artisans devoted to keeping traditions alive on the Canary Islands’ day. 

    Our philosophy is based on the awareness of the local products and the reality behing these products. There is always a story behind, passion, tradition and the human touch sorrounding the products. These are values also shared by Atelier.

    There has always been a strong relationship between rum and the Canary Islands as the first sugar canes planted in America were sent from the Islands during the second trip by Christopher Columbus to the new World in 1493. As a result, the first plants were already growing in January 1494. In order to learn more about this tradition, the Atelier team traveled to the wonderful island of La Palma during the harvesting period to see in person how Ron Aldea, led by the 4th generation of Family Quevedo still keep the spirit of tradition and respect towards the first masters. 

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  • Knowing THE GUMBO

    Let the Blues tell you a story.

    At Atelier Lounge & Cocktails and 360º restaurant, we consider the promotion of an increasingly diverse and accessible music culture to be absolutely fundamental. That’s why we continue to provide live acts to spice up Tuesday evenings (360° Restaurant – 19:30) and Thursday nights (Atelier Lounge & Cocktails – 21:00) with the rhythms of soul, blues and jazz.


    (360º Restaurant)

    We’ve got everything you need for an enjoyable evening packed full of musical entertainment. Our chef Juan Bertolín and his team are also on hand to provide speciality Mediterranean cuisine alongside French and Asian delicacies, and that’s not to mention the designer cocktails created by our mixologist and bar manager Raimondo Palomba and his crew. Let your senses take hold as you become immersed in transcending the limits of the conventional mixology.


    The alliance of musicians Reinaldo Rivero and Alberto Gulias is a perfect example of chemistry and synergy on the stage. They have recently released their first LP under the name Los Gumbo: 2 MAN BAND, after its official premiere at the Benicàssim Blues Festival on the 3rd of June. Entirely self-produced, the album is the fruit of ten live recordings, mixed and mastered by Javier Pérez Mejías and completed with Álex Mustafá Ginorio’s artistic design.

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