"A Bohemian is a person who defends his position in the world of ideas, his knowledge, artistic creation, intellectual enrichment and interest for other cultural realities". "We cultivate and care for a Bohemian spirit which is open-minded, a spirit that is full of positive energy and happiness".

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    Cristina James: Voice
    José Alberto Medina: Piano
    Renato D’Aiello: Tenor sax

    This trio offers us a repertoire full of surprises. They play Jazz Hits and popular songs like Estate of Italy. The artist Renato D’Aiello is musician resident in the famous “Ronnie Scott’s” Club. Cristina James has a spectacula voice. José Alberto Medina is pianist, composer and director of “Fabrica La Isleta”, artistic project that culturally oxygenates the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

    Their energy and rhythm is contagious on the stage and the audience enthusiastically welcomes a repertoire that makes your evening unique.


  • MELLOW SOUNDS (Acoustic Instrumentals)


    Acoustic duo playing a diverse instrumental styles, creating a relaxing atmosphere. Place: Panoramic 360º Restaurant (8º floor).

    ( Reservations: +34 928 563 400  ·  reservas@grancanaria-360.com )




    The Gumbo Blues Band takes its name from the most popular Creole dish from Louisiana and it is perhaps as a result of that fusion of flavours that their live gigs surprise the audience from the start as they include sounds from a period of over seventy years in the history of the blues: Jump Blues, Delta Blues, Shuffle Blues, Funk Blues, Soul Blues, Swing Blues…Mississippi, New Orleans, Memphis, Chicago, Texas, California…

    18595399_1500126540052062_486695108390114711_o (1)

    Fans defined the perfomances of Alberto Gulias (vocalist, percussion, harmonica) and Reinaldo Rivero (guitar, chorus) like “A real Two Man Band!!”. Since 2010 they lead together THE GUMBO BLUES BAND, one of the leaders of the Canary Rhythm’n’Blues. Currently, they combined their island live music tours with others on the Iberian peninsula and the rest of Europe.

  • Walter Silva · Only Guitar


    “The guitar is a small orchestra. Every string is a different color, a different voice”.

    This is what Walter Silva transmits with his compositions. He is a classical guitarist and composer who combines arrangements of classical masterpieces and rock and pop classics, exudes magic, creativity and reveals a distinctive musical personality.



  • Opening LPA International Jazz Day

    Apr 2018
    - 20:00 -

    In November 2011 the UNESCO General Conference proclaimed 30 April as «International Jazz Day». This day brings together people all over the world to celebrate and learn about the art of jazz, its roots and promoting peace, dialogue among cultures and diversity.


    We create value for a diverse and accesible musical culture as something fundamental, promoting the artistic creation and the interculturality through music.

    On 26th April at 8:00pm, celebrate with us the II Edition of LPA International Jazz Day 2018. The international singer YENDRY FIORENTINO will be accompanied by the great Canarian musicians José Alberto Medina Quintana (piano), Tana Santana (contrabass) and Jesús Morales (drums). They will offer us at 360º Restaurant a concert full of rhythm, good energy and a lot of jazz!

    📞 Reservation is required: +34 667 493 678 | rest.experience@bohemia-grancanaria.com

    🎧 The music continues at Atelier Cocktail bar with a special edition of classic cocktails and the best jazz by Dr. FeelGood DJ (10:00pm-00:00am). ✔ Reservations not required.

  • Swamy DJ SET


    Listen the best lounge and deep house music enjoying one of the best sun set on the island.

    Roberta Swamy also known as Swamy DJ began her passion for the music in childhood when she was 14. She used to play with some friends with an acoustic guitar forming a rock band very soon, in her homeland, northern Italy. She began playing at her hometown theater and private parties. She met a famous italian Dj producer and she started growing in the Dj’s world playing electronic, minimal underground and deep house for privè clubs in Italy and Riccione. She has developed her own style like Groove, Funky Soul and Soulful.


    She collaborates with several radios as Krudelia-Bologna, Reider / La IBIZA Troia, Gray Stuff, Gup Events – Forli, Parrini DJ Producer RICCIONE, Classic club after hours by MATTINEE GROUP, Plasma Phobia-MILANO and Global Radio FM c / o Tony Besa KISS & SHOW.





    Would you like to spend all day sleeping a lot, eating late and complaining because Monday is coming? REVEAL OURSELF!


    We suggest you something:

    Enjoy our special selection of cocktails, juices antioxidants & Detox for the good body function! From 06:00 pm enjoy the best chill-out and deephouse with Dj SWAMY.


  • Meet the team: Bárbara


    We are the place where you can live and find a special care… a personalized attention. Where what you would like to have it is expressly designed for you.

    We love the experience of serving our guests, to attend them and to pamper them, to let them feel as if they would “stay at home”.

    Today we would like to introduce you to a young professional, great colleague and an essential part of our Atelier’s team: BÁRBARA.

    Where did it all start?

    It all began when I was 21. I had finished a course in marketing and was working in a clothes shop which bored me to tears and I felt very demotivated. One day I bumped into a neighbour who owned a pizza restaurant; he asked me if I wanted to work for him and I accepted. I began to enjoy myself and as I was good at it, it was the beginning of my career in the bar and restaurant business.


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  • 10 Cocktails Bar imprescindibles si visitas Londres

    Con motivo de la feria Imbibe 2017 realizamos una ruta entre los mejores cocktails bar de Londres. Partiendo de la premisa de que en Londres hay muchísimos buenos cocktails bar y es casi imposible visitarlos todos en un viaje, los que no están presentes en este artículo no es por desmerecerlo sino por falta de tiempo.


    (Raimondo Palomba y Erika Gisonno durante Imbibe 2017)

    ORIOLE (East Poultry Avenue, London Smithfield Market)

    Speakeasy subterráneo ubicado en pleno Smithfield market en Farrington.


    (Oriole cocktail bar, imágenes Oriole.com)

    La carta de cocktails está inspirada en un mapamundi antiguo dividido en “antiguo mundo, nuevo mundo y oriente”, donde cada cocktail intenta recrear un sabor típico del lugar en el cual está inspirado.

    Cocktails de autor y twist sobre clásicos con ingredientes muy singulares elaborados de forma artesanal. Los vasos de servicio son únicos diseñados por el mixólogo Luca Cinalli y el maestro artesano Andrea Bottesi.

    Oriole cocktails

    (Imágenes Oriole.com)

    Recomiendo sentarse en barra para disfrutar de la simpatía y los conocimientos de los bartenders, además de la extrema organización y orden de la barra que es una de las más amplias jamás vista. Hay centenares de ingredientes y elaboraciones que vienen empleadas como ingrediente o decoración y muy bien catalogadas y ordenadas.

    Cuenta además con una amplia carta de bar snack muy variada y completa, porciones perfectas para compartir y mezcla de sabores interesantes. Tiene música en directo todos los días, muy buena atmósfera donde es muy fácil ver los clientes levantarse de su mesa y bailar.

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  • Meet the team: Claudia


    We are the place where you can live and find a special care… a personalized attention. Where what you would like to have it is expressly designed for you.

    We love the experience of serving our guests, to attend them and to pamper them, to let them feel as if they would “stay at home”.

    Today we would like to introduce you to a young professional, great colleague and an essential part of our Atelier’s team: CLAUDIA.

    Where did it all start?

    Everything started when I gave up my studies and decided to discover the job market. I used to tell my mother I wanted to get emancipated between 18 and 25 years old and it was at 21 when I made a decision. I chose hotel industry as I thought it would be easier to get a job, enrolled in a course and then started working as a trainee at Bohemia Suites & Spa. They offered me my first contract ever. Although it was a replacement contract at first, I currently belong to the staff and am very grateful.   

    2017-07-20-PHOTO-00000218 2

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