7 – 8 JUNE


For Tora Flora Food the food is art. She conveys more than just good and sustainable meals. She gives a unique and memorable experience which is created by science, art and a pinch of madness.

Mother Nature is an adventurous dining experience with ali our senses. This dinner is a 7-course tasting menu where I have flavored the feelings of nature.

Plant-based (vegan) meals are increasingly sought in restaurants. This is because we have become more aware of how positive the plant-based lifestyle affects both our bodies and our planet.

The purpose of the dining experience is getting the guest to experience something new and unique through food. She wants to get the guests to analyze themselves, the story, the food’s taste, appearance and feelings to take in.  Each dish in the menu shows the feeling and sensations that give them a special flavour. Each dish also mean presents a whole experience desig ned according to these feelings.

With her background as a scientist, molecular gastronomy has become a way to create unique dining experiences.


Information and Bookings

Tora Flora Food has created “Mother Nature” exclusively for this occasion and it will be available only on 07th and 8th June. Booking in advance is required.

+34 928 563 400